Monday, 28 September 2015


Staithes, North Yorkshire

Wonderful day out on Sunday with Adele to Staithes, which is a lovely picturesque old fishing port set at the side of the North York Moors (where the moors meets the sea).

A good couple of hours was spent rock pooling as the tide was out and watching Juvenile Gannets trying to fish, along with a few Guillemots, the odd Fulmar, a number of Cormorants and a group of very confiding Turnstones feasting on the waters edge presumably after their long journey from the far north of the planet.

Around the harbour there were a number of various coloured lobster sculptures, to which purpose they were there, we did not find out, all the same they were grand structures.

One upsetting tale we heard from a local in the pub, when we got nattering to him, was that all the shops,other than tourist tat shops and cafes in the bottom of the village were to close as there were no locals left due to nearly all the houses being holiday rents. This a really sad tale of these types of local communities being split up, we really, as a nation, ought not let our traditions and local crafts and trades disappear.

Cracking lunch at the 'Cod and Lobster' right on the harbour side with a window seat to enable us watch a few of the remaining cobbles and fishing boats come and go with sadly small catches.



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