Sunday, 21 December 2014

Grey Seals At Ravenscar

Grey Seals at Ravenscar
Ravenscar, Scarborough

Ekkkkk, months since my last blog, sorry, seem to have been working hard lately, I must try harder in the new year to diary my little adventures.

Today while Adele the good lady wife was laid up in bed with a bout of flu, I venture 8 miles north of Scarborough to Ravenscar a small village high on the cliff tops over looking the beautiful coastal village of Robin Hoods Bay, from there I wandered over the Hotels Golf course and clambered down the rough unmade and steep path for about 400 feet to the rocky shore below to see the small colony of Grey Seals of about 100 in size, but many were in the sea after been spooked by walkers heading over to RHB and a couple of fossil hunters cracking rocks looking for ammonites.

There were 4 of 5 small probably 1 to 2 week old pups around with a couple protected by quite aggressive mothers, which were best kept away from.

The bird life around was a little disappointing with the usual gull population, Oystercatchers, Rock pipits and a number of Wrens flitting in and out of the rocks, which I thought was a little unusual.

Photography was a little disappointing as the sun, though it was a very bright day, never got above the cliff tops so generally the whole area was I shade. All in all though still a remarkable place to see Grey Sea locally.


  1. Amazing photos of the seals. Must visit Ravenscar sometime.

  2. I'm looking to visit Ravenscar next week! Hope I can get some pictures as good as these!