Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Scarborough Birders Pelagic

Scarborough Birders Pelagic
Off Scarborough

For my second sea trip with Scarborough Birders, the weather, dry though fairly grey, not great for photography, but still better than the very wet weather forecasted, was still good enough for an excellent mini adventure on a Sunday morning. Setting sail on the local Queensferry boat, 22 to 24 hardy folk and a few tubs of extremely rank chum thanks to Nick and Mick set off in calm waters in hunt of rarities, general birdlife and the odd cetacean.

Various birdlife was seen including, HG, GBBG, LBBG, Fulmar, Kittiwake, Gannets, Razorbills, Guillemots, Puffins, Common Scoter, Manx Shearwater, Artic Tern, possible Sandwich Tern, with the star bird of the day being a Blue Fulmar, which stayed after a nervous start around the boat for a good while letting many many many photographs to be taken!!!!

There was not a great deal of luck on the mammal front and all were hopeful of a Minke Whale, but  brief glimpses of a Grey Seal and a couple of distant Harbour Porpoises showed that animals are out there and just a bit more luck is needed.

Once again many thanks for Scarborough Birders, Nick Addey for his organization and chum fermentation including making frozen chumcicles and Mick for having the guts to throw the guts!!! Cant wait for the next trip at the end of August.

Scarborough (a pretty damned good place to live, all within half an hour, the sea, the moors, the wolds and the forests)
Fulmars (up to 12 around the boat at one time and I was shocked at how un bothered by the overhanging photographers they were, indeed they came a bit to close!!!)

Fulmar and Blue Fulmar size comparison
Blue Fulmar (possibly from as far away as Baffin Island)


Common Scoters (North and South bound)

Gannets (buzzed the boat most of the morning but only a couple dived for the chum)

Herring Gulls (Plenty about and very very greedy, particularly the local harbour and marine drive residents). The Orange rings are from the local SBC tip ringing project.

Lesser Black Backed Gulls (Plenty around the boat most of the morning)
Manx Shearwater (long way away but a first for me, you cant beat being a beginner, a new tick every time!!)
Looking forward to the 31st August already, cheers to all involved.


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