Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mediterranean Gulls

Mediterranean Gulls
Holbeck, Scarborough

Cracking late afternoon light saw me having a trip to Holbeck Car Park after a couple of very cold and fruitless hours at Wykeham Forest Raptor view point where absolutely nothing but the odd pigeon was showing, but that's nature.

On display at Holbeck were 8 Mediterranean Gulls all in different changing plumage with the darkest headed gull the long time stayer from Poland.

I manage to get shots of 7 of the 8 Gulls on view, before the light faded and photography became pointless.

Holbeck a cracking place to see these lovely gulls as they are so people friendly coming to a variety of scraps along with the throngs of many many more Black Headed Gulls.

Would like a trip back in the next couple of weeks before the leave for the summer to see if I can get any shots of full black headed plumage.




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