Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Scarborough Harbour

Scarborough Harbour
Scarborough Harbour

After waking up full of cold, I thought, after reading Steve Routledge's Blog of the previous day, I may as well get some fresh air and see if the Great Northern Diver was still off the Harbour, which it was, though at a fair distance. Hence some of the photographs are very cropped, but it fed well with some reasonable sized fish., though it kept getting spooked by the RLNI inshore boat practicing in the harbour and in front of the Station (not complaining you never know if you might need them!!)

Showing around the harbour also were I would say 50 to 60 Turnstone, (many in the west pier car park) around 20 Purple Sandpipers (seen pm on my return in hope that GND had come in closer, NOT!!) the usual Gulls, the odd Redshank, Cormorant passing by and a Shag.

A cracking place in winter, our local Harbour!!! and a cracking start to December!!!





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