Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jacksons Bay

Jacksons Bay
Jacksons Bay, Scarborough

What a great place, I have always walked past before, as I either didn't know you could get down the cliff side or thought it looked a little dangerous.

But after a visit to Sheffield, I thought a tea time wonder was in order in the cold sunshine, so I set off for a look round Scalby Lodge Ponds, only too find nothing there, but 3 separate lots of people with dogs walking around the pond, then to the new letting cottages. Note to myself, not very happy with this, report same to Scarborough Birders Facebook site, due to a post requested by the farmer the other day. I know it's Duchy Land, but surly its still a reserve!!!!

Following this brief visit, I thought bite the bullet and head down to Jacksons Bay to see if there  were any late leaving Bar Tailed Godwits around, which has been on my to do list for a couple of months, after being told, if you go down and sit quite behind rocks for a while, when the tide comes in the birds come up the beach towards you.

Indeed this did happen, with the 1 remaining Bar Tailed Godwit, some Oystercatchers and Redshanks.

All was going well until some screaming girls at the top of the cliff disturbed them towards the northerly end of the bay.

Looking forward to a summer evenings scramble down the cliff again.

Jacksons Bay on arrival

Jacksons Bay, sat quietly awaiting for the tide to bring the birds closer, note the shadow!!! not well hidden but still!!

View from Jacksons Bay towards Long Nab

View back down to the Bay after leaving
Bar Tailed Godwit


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