Thursday, 3 March 2016


Sanderlings and Turnstone

A trip to Bridlington with Adele and a wander on the beach provided splendid views of a few Sanderlings and Turnstone, with the same being damned hard to photograph due to the wind and loads of dog walkers, many who would walk between me with a camera in hand and the Sanderlings a few yards away, without even thinking they would frighten the birds. Don't get me wrong I love dogs, but the owners could give a little thought to others and have a little curtesy!!


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  1. Tell me about itI I'm a dog owner but I'd NEVER do this to someone else.

    Today whilst tying to photograph waterfowl in my local park having set up my camera and gear on tripod facing out onto an absolutely still lake with the mist lifting off the surface, thicko dog owner comes along and deliberately throws a big stick out for his lab to go chase...right in front of me! Totally knew what he was doing with the grin on his face looking at me after he'd done it.

    Another. On Norfolk beach. Black Capped Terns with gulls were in the middle of the beach way out so I decided to have a go and try and photo them. I'd been crawling on the open beach getting close and closer until I was almost in decent 420mm range then...uncontrollable dog let loose off the lead comes bounding up (no recall at all from the owner who could see what I was doing), runs right past me straight at the birds then turns back thinking I'm the next best thing to have a go at. Is it any wonder dogs get banned you idiots from nature reserves and a damn good thing they do as well.

    Chris, you sure have my sympathy!