Thursday, 4 June 2015

White Tailed Sea Eagle

White Tailed Sea Eagle
Isle of Mull
The only day on the Isle of Mull, we were lucky with the weather, though it was still very cold, grey and over cast, but with slight hint of white cloud and sun, our trip with
was booked and actually took place.
We thought we would be disappointed though as, as we approached the fish throwing and feeding area, the male WTSE was seen flying around (to lead the crows away from the nest site) with a fully eaten and stripped lamb, so we thought that they would be to full after just feasting on fresh meat, but we were in luck and we had 3 fishing attempts, which were absolutely brilliant,
Shame about the grey weather and high ISO required on the camera.
Note the first 3 photographs are in sequence and are shot at 8 frames a second, so it just shows you don't have much time (a 3rd of a second), they may be big birds but they do travel very fast!!!



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